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How's School Today?

Our ‘Window into Your Public Schools’ builds confidence

School News Network 'brings programs and people, and what schools are accomplishing, much more to the forefront than any other source of information.' That’s our goal, and that’s what our readers said in our annual reader survey...

What are we waiting for? Time for Michigan to fully fund its schools

The research couldn’t be more clear. The Michigan School Finance at the Crossroads report by Dr. David Arsen documents a quarter-century of decline in our schools, finding Michigan last in the nation in new dollars invested in education since 1995...

You can’t fatten a hog by weighing it

There is no common sense in the the current state of politics. The most recent example iste record setting excess that recently concluded the 99th session of the Michigan Legislature...

The Definition of Insanity

Among the more overused and mis-attributed quotes in all of journalism is the old saw that proclaims the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. Unfortunately, that describes our national obsession over standardized test scores...

The NAEP and M-Step: Where Hope Goes to Die

All across the state this past week were news headlines pronouncing the failure of Michigan’s students and schools on standardized tests. Instead, the headlines should have pronounced the NAEP, the M-STEP and PISA as failures...

Coalition launches new vision for education

Business leaders, school management organizations, teacher and school staff associations and philanthropic groups are joining forces to make public education the cornerstone of Michigan’s continued economic recovery...

Superintendent: It’s a Tough Job

There may be no tougher job than that of a school superintendent. I’ve worked with nearly 100 in Kent ISD alone over the past two decades. All were smart, caring and compassionate people. All were subject to withering criticism

Actions speak louder than words

Our lack of concern for children begins far earlier than their exposure to gunfire by individuals who can legally obtain assault weapons in virtually every jurisdiction within the U.S.

A $1.48 Trillion Problem

$1.48 trillion. It’s a big number. And it’s a huge problem. $1.48 trillion is the amount of college debt owed by U.S. citizens who’ve had to...

If It Ain’t Broke, Break It!

People continually reference President Trump's ghostwritten book "The Art of the Deal" while struggling to understand his communication techniques and tirades, searching for some...
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