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Kent ISD leader named president of state association for business officials

Mike Hagerty, assistant superintendent at Kent ISD, recently became the 81st president of Michigan School Business Officials. He will serve as president in 2018-19 after serving on the MSBO Board of Directors for the past six years...

For future pros, an app to reward professional behavior

The Going Pro app recognizes five different behaviors: being professional, respectful, responsible, safe (physically and emotionally), and demonstrating initiative...

Consultant hired to review center-based special education programs

The Kent ISD School Board approved a contract with consultant Beth Steenwyk to review practices and provide a comprehensive, third-party review of special education center programs...

And who are we wearing tonight? Duct tape, actually

Baylee DeVos recruited her friend and Tech Center classmate junior Blake Johnson to take on a major art project: create a dress, tuxedo and accessories including shoes, a purse, corsage, boutonniere and hat completely out of duct tape...

At KTC manufacturing lab, students learn job skills by doing them

The 18-month-old manufacturing lab simulates the experience of being on-the-job to help students (many with learning disabilities or special needs) get ready for an entry level manufacturing position...

Teachers learn alongside students in ‘read-aloud’ classroom tour

A quartet of literacy coaches from Kent ISD recently led a trio of early literacy essentials read-aloud field trips for teachers, administrators and other K-12 staff...

Counselor of the Year

Gary Moline of Kent Career Tech Center receives WMCA Counselor of the Year award...

Michigan’s NAEP Scores: What do they mean? Probably not what you think

32 Percent of Michigan’s 4th Graders Score at 7th Grade Level on the NAEP. Did you miss that headline last week?  I did too. That’s because it wasn’t reported.  Instead, Michigan’s schools and students were slammed by pundits because just 32...

Students seek ways to attract more people into teaching

Teams of Kent Innovation High students were challenged to research the causes of the shortage of college students training to be teachers, and formulate a possible way for GVSU's College of Education to address the problem

Blended online, in-class MySchool@Kent program expanded to middle school

The MySchool@Kent program, previously just for high school students, gets a test run at the middle school level
The Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee is Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 pm in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum

Champion spellers compete Tuesday at The Bee

Winners from school spelling bees across West Michigan will gather Tuesday, March 27 at 6:30 pm in the Gerald R. Ford Presidential Museum for The Greater Grand Rapids Spelling Bee. The winner of this, the 41st Bee, will go...

Superintendent: It’s a Tough Job

There may be no tougher job than that of a school superintendent. I’ve worked with nearly 100 in Kent ISD alone over the past two decades. All were smart, caring and compassionate people. All were subject to withering criticism

Tech Center’s 3D Autism Project a national finalist in Samsung ‘Solve for Tomorrow’ contest

For months now, in a digital technology program at Kent Career Tech Center, nearly 40 high schoolers propel themselves into a real-world project in digital design, animation, graphics and game-making
Susan Domeier has gotten to know classmates and friends including Ayuba Bedaso, at right

Filipino ESL student is still learning, and loving it, at age 84

At age 84, Susan Domeier likes to spend three hours, two evenings a week in her English as a Second Language class. Her native language is Tagalog, and though she has spoken English for decades, she wants to improve her vocabulary and conversational skills
James Hissong, Kent ISD grants and development coordinator, tried his rather unsteady hand at welding, using a machine designed to teach welding skills using virtual reality technology

Grant Gives Students Welding Skills, Virtual-style

Whether you are in high school attempting to settle on a career, an adult back to school to upgrade skills or a young child dreaming of what to be when you grow up, equipment coming soon to Kent Career...
Kent County Sheriff’s Department forensic technician Dawn TenBrink shows students from Forest Hills, Lowell, East Kentwood and Wyoming around a simulated crime scene

So, What’s Your Job Like?

Cold weather can sometimes be a plumber’s ally. That was one of the first things Nathan Bush and Ben Smith learned as they stomped their work boots against the cold as Pat Bishop soldered copper pipe. “You can help it...