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Job Shadow Program helps Students Explore Engineering

Students and employers built some valuable connections recently during the second session of the Engineering Explorers program.  The program began in spring 2013 and...

School Chiefs Help Habitat

The superintendents took part in the house-renovation session, titled KISA Superintendent Build Day 2013, hosted by Charles Rushmore, a financial advisor who works with...

Students Help With Fundraiser for Arab and Muslim Women

Students from a number of Kent County schools are pitching in to help fund a new shelter for West Michigan Arab and Muslim women. The...

Tech Center Students to Start Classes at Downtown Market

Quick!  How many places can you find high school students engaged in learning?  While you might be able to list some of the 60+...

Programs Help Transitional Families Keep Kids in School

Two years ago, Jessica had a steady job, a home and three children enrolled in Godwin Heights Public Schools. That was before she started...

Health Students Help Doctors, Nurses with Disaster Drill

Emanuel Melendez appeared weary and ill when he walked in. “I’m so weak and the nausea has been so bad,” he told Dr. James Barron,...
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