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MySchool@Kent students overcome obstacles to get to graduation

Students choose online high school for a variety of reasons. Here, a few of this year’s graduates reflect...

Students express selves through words, drawings, and their own hands

Susan Langford’s studio art students made old-fashioned casts of their hands. They posed them to convey one or more concepts, then added their own drawing and words. The results were profound...

She chose music over medicine, and her students are glad she did

Wendy Tenney Tenney is one of 10 Michigan educators who were named as 2018-19 Regional Teachers of the Year...

Middle schoolers reflect on 6-8, look ahead to 9-12

SNN revisits eighth-graders we first talked with as they were adjusting to a new phase of K-12. Soon they will do it all over again...

Officer looks out for students’ safety, shares life skills, lends a caring ear

Officer Todd Summerhays’ main role is to ensure safety by securing buildings, monitoring surveillance videos and responding quickly and appropriately to anything amiss...

From King Tut to Helen Keller to Elvis, students dig up historical tidbits

Fourth-grade students of Rachel Millhisler and Jennifer Bolhuis shared their research on biographical figures from Elvis Presley to Harriet Tubman, and Neil Armstrong to Malala Yousafzai

Kindergartners immerse in nature, for a whole week

Lessons focused on science and STEM objectives that related to weather and plant and wildlife adaptations, including observation and writing skills, service learning and unstructured nature play

First-grade service learning project brings generations together

Murray Lake has been bringing students to Fountain View since 2008. A grant from Greater Lowell Community Wellness helps pay for monthly trips

Donation sparks program that helps students get counseling

The program’s name, “Bridging the Gap,” comes from the decision to use the funds to help families pay for amounts not covered by insurance

‘I’m the appreciation chairperson’

Parent volunteer Melissa Kelley-Carey says even the smallest amount of time is a big help, and that help doesn’t always come in the form of hours clocked
This group of judges gave several thumbs-up to the novel “Short” by Holly Goldberg Sloan. The book was selected for a Mock Newbery Honor by Lowell Middle students

Sixth-graders Make Their Newbery Picks

Book lovers and those with opinions were welcome for the middle school's second annual Mock Newbery club, which tackled many of the same books as their adult counterparts
First-grader Wesley Reinholtz and his sister, Hallie, getting a boost from mom Erin, check out an electricity exhibit at the STEAM Museum

All Aboard for STEAM Night

The gymnasium at Alto Elementary filled with students and their families last week to experience the STEAM museum.
Social studies teacher Kyle Carhart’s students carried boxes filled with textbooks this fall to simulate what it’s like for their Sudanese counterparts to carry water every day

Water for South Sudan, with Love from Lowell

School children and their families in one South Sudan community will be getting clean water to drink from a newly dug well, and middle school students in Lowell have learned how it feels to meet a long-term goal. And they're...

Planning for the Future, Starting Now

Gwen Hackett hurried into a meeting with guidance counselor Tory Parsons and apologized for being a few minutes late. She'd just come from rehearsal for the school play. "I'm playing a princess, a sailor and a maid," explained the junior...

Marching in King’s Footsteps for Justice and Kindness

On the day that people across America honored the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., students at area schools did their part to carry on his ideals. Here are just two examples of students putting his teachings to work. North...
Lowell HIgh science teacher Heather DeJonge checks out one group’s tank of daphnia, commonly known as water fleas. Next to DeJonge, from left, are Brenan Conlan, Jacob Nugent and Holt Sawyer

Student Scientists do Real-world Research

If the experiments going on in the laboratory of Heather DeJonge's Lowell High School research class look like they could be happening in a true scientific context, it's because they actually are.