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Acclaimed artist helps students create with their ‘crazy ideas’

Jovonnah Nicholson served as a visiting artist in Molly Marshall’s art room, creating mugs on the classroom potter’s wheel for students to embellish with their own ceramic designs

Art + science = $500 award for student jeweler

Lauren Doyle won an award from the Air Zoo Science Innovation Hall of Fame for her process of coating jewelry with metal by means of an electric current

Students, staff discuss importance of diversity in a mostly white district

Students are inviting all to the table to talk about diversity and spur a movement to show all are welcome in Byron Center

Students become engineers to design games, including Black Panther and the Brooklyn Bridge

Design-thinking, meet science, technology, engineering and math. In all three of the district’s elementary schools, students are busy inventing by using a step-by-step process that allows them to develop products like real designers would

Ooey Gooey Goopy

There's a slime-making craze oozing through preteen circles and leaving many a parent wondering, "Who ya gonna call?" when gooey trails are left on tables and goopy blots on countertops. The answer isn't Ghostbusters but high school science teacher...

Need Extra Study Time? You’ve Got It

With the end of the semester approaching, nine students in English teacher Trevor Muir's classes had unfinished essays or quizzes. Without a last-minute push Muir knew the students would fail the class. He required them to spend a session of...

A Lot of Blood + a Portal = STEM Brilliance

Who better than a trio of West Middle School seventh-graders to come up with The Cell Apocalypse, a video game that shows how the smallest units of life function in the human body? “I learned stuff about blood I never...
Earl Lutey, World War II and Korean veteran, chats with Byron Center High School senior Matthew Bridges

Finding Heroes ‘Right in Our Own Hometown’

Veterans were the stars of the show when high school seniors gave a heartfelt salute and thank you by documenting the former service members' words.

Super Readers Save the Day!

There are new superheroes in town, and with the point of a popsicle stick, the zoom-in ability of hyper-focused eyes and ears, and the ability to know words in a "snap," they are flying through their reading levels. Districtwide, kindergartners...

‘Carbon Cleansers’ Tackle Ways to Reduce Construction Footprint

The eight Earth-conscious eighth-graders are working to offset carbon emissions using an action plan, which they are entering into a competition that has involved the whole school.

Students Track the Earth Beneath Their Feet

A big shift in science instruction at West Middle School can be illustrated through the shifting boundaries of tectonic plates. Eighth-grade students in science teachers Ken King's and Ben Lacy's classes recently learned, during a unit on the Earth changing...

In Honor of Those Who Served

Editor's note: Schools across Kent County observed Veterans Day with a variety of events. Here is a sampling. Byron Center Boys Scouts brought up the flag; "My Country, 'Tis of Thee" was sung; red, white and blue were worn; and...

‘I Can Do Anything’

There's a slogan used at Space Camp for visually impaired students that resonates with ninth-grader Brenna Stachnik: "Just because I can't see the stars doesn't mean I can't reach for them." "It means that I can do anything," Brenna said. Brenna...

Stop, Collaborate and Listen

Next to the statement, "I can make equivalent fractions," fifth-grader Amaya Davis checked a box that read, "I can do it myself" on a self-evaluation form. She was part of a small math group in the Nickels Intermediate School...

Prehistoric Science Lesson

It's not every day you get to touch a 50-pound hip bone, or massive molars on a gigantic jaw. West Middle School students recently examined those and other approximately 12,000-year-old mastodon bones unearthed from a Byron Center housing development excavation...

Terrific Trifecta

Countryside Elementary has joined Brown and Marshall schools as a National Blue Ribbon School winner, giving the district the distinction that all three of its elementary schools have received the honor in the past three years. "The biggest thing is...